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Breakfast of Inspiration @ Dutch Design Week

Breakfast of inspiration @ Dutch Design Week

Tuesday October 25th at Broeinest, Eindhoven



Meet RPI Europe and Metapaper the 25th of October at 9:00 at Broeinest in Eindhoven for a breakfast of inspiration around paper and print during the Dutch Design Week. Experience the possibilities of high-end digital printing and high-tech paper technologies and get in touch with loads of inspirations in a relaxed setting.

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Broeinest (www.broeinest.nl) is the material library and meeting place for (interior) architects and designers and is located at Strijp-S, the creative heart of Eindhoven. Broeinest will open its second facility in Rotterdam early 2017. You can visit their exhibition ‘Transitions II – The Magic of the Material’ during the breakfast of inspiration session. The exhibition shows the story behind the trends and offers a preview of what’s to come in the world of interiors. Interesting insights and inspiration for the design professional.

The Dutch Design Week (www.ddw.nl) will open at 11:00 right after the breakfast session. DDW boasts 100 locations, presenting the processes, experiments and ideas, answers and solutions thought up by 2500 designers. Come and be amazed, surprised or astonished. Ask yourself new questions, draw inspiration for your own answers and allow the power of design to convince you.

Metapaper (www.metapaper.de) is Europe’s first Online-Platform for paper and print. Featuring the first paper system engineered for Corporate Designers suitable for all common printing technologies as well as showcasing Europe’s best printing houses such as RPI Europe and their print projects.

We hope to see you there!

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