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How to Relive Your Social Memories Forever

Every 60 seconds 510 comments are posted, 293.000 statuses are updated and 136.000 photos are uploaded to Facebook, while 200 million Instagrammers shared 20 billion pictures since the start of Instagram.

Bjorn van Hamond
Supply Chain Manager

By Bjorn van Hamond

You may already know that millions of pictures are uploaded to Facebook and Instagram every day. But what happens with these precious moments when minutes and days elapse and your network stops commenting and liking? They simply disappear in your timeline and it is less likely you will ever look back to them again. Now that the majority of the pictures are taken with a mobile device, the same could happen to other pictures stuck on your device. We take more and more pictures every day and it is interesting to see how our communication has shifted from words to images.

Every 60 seconds 510 comments are posted, 293.000 statuses are updated and 136.000 photos are uploaded to Facebook, while 200 million Instagrammers shared 20 billion pictures since the start of Instagram.

Any idea how many photos you take every month with your mobile device or how many you share on social media? What you might not realize is that by posting all your favorite moments to your social networks, you are actually building your personalized print story.

Often people tell me they would love to make a photobook, but haven’t. Why? The reason has less to do with the price or the quality. It’s time! In the past, creating a photobook (or other product) was a time-consuming, trial-and-error experience. But times have changed and luckily there are companies that make it possible to create beautiful, tangible products simply with the guarantee of perfect quality.

Here are five cool tips to bring your social media memories to life with little to no effort – for yourself or to reward your family and friends with a unique gift.


  • MySocialBook makes it possible to create a book in minutes. Their software automatically captures your social life from your Facebook and Instagram accounts and turns this into a beautiful book. It’s also possible to make a book of your friends on Facebook. You will be amazed by their reactions when they see a real book of their social lives.

My Social Book


  • Mosaic has a great user experience and the product you will receive is truly unique. The book has 13 precisely cut windows in the cover that showcase your photos and is delivered in a well-designed box. Download the free app from the Apple app store or google play, select 20 pictures from your phone, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account, preview and place your order. Mosaic is simply one of the best available apps in the market and their product is the perfect gift to impress your friends and family.



  • HEMA always surprises people with convenient, practical and attractive products. Their mobile platform (#mobileprints) allows you to create photo products quickly and easily by logging in with Facebook, Instagram or Google+. You can also upload your pictures directly from your mobile device and from your Dropbox folder. HEMA offers a wide range of products: books, prints, cards, gifts and last but not least (my personal favorite), a memory game.



  • Blurb is the self publishing platform that makes it possible to turn your ideas into professional print books, magazines or e-book and sell and distribute worldwide via print-on-demand. They offer several free software solutions and plugins (Adobe) to serve your creative needs. With their Easy Photobooks Software Bookify, you can make a book online in an instant by importing photos from your computer, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr or Picasa.



  • Resnap developed unique image selection technology that helps you to create the perfect photo book in just a minute. It automatically selects the best images from your Desktop, Facebook or Instagram timeline and calculates the most efficient way to place the photos. How does it work? Watch the video here.

Enjoy your social memories, again and again!


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